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Salon & Spa Services

Modern Salon ~ Suite 302

Kayla Edwards, Gina Georgiev - 316-733-1922

Jodie Swank - 316-621-1728

Katie Rogers - 316-308-0102

Terradyne Hair.Skin.Body ~ Suite 306

Eva Martin (Owner/Hairstylist) - 316-807-4688

Darla Huddleston (Owner/Hairstylist) - 316-990-8984

Addie Peterman (Owner/Aesthetician) - 316-308-8813

Alli Russell (Hairstylist) - 316-461-5972

Leah Nygren (Hairstylist) - 316-204-0324

Kari Drehs (Hairstylist) - 316-734-7146

Cinnamon Eyster - 316-841-4173

Hello Beautiful Salon ~ Suite 307

Cassy Bennett-Woodcook - 316-992-8001

Kelsey Adkins - 316-680-3713

Breann Ogden - 316-304-6312

Salon L ~ Suite 308

Lindsey Bourne - 316-833-1989

Tangles Unlimited, Inc. ~ Suite 310

Twanda Hamilton - 316-682-6036

Radiant Transformations Skincare ~ Suite 311

Stacy Blew - 316-390-3048

Short & Sassy Salon ~ Suite 314/315

Shannon Dennett - 316-734-3657

Crystal Young - 316-323-7343

Ty Marcell Salon ~ Suite 316

Ty Marcell - 316-312-8360

Bronze at Terradyne ~ Suite 318

Andrea White - 316-218-3344

Suite 309- Available

Suite 312- Available

Terradyne Events

Sunday, August 20 2017
(WGA) Ladies Senior Club Championship

8:30 am

Sunday, August 20 2017
(MGA) Senior and Junior / Senior Club Championship

9:00 am tee times

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Pro Tip


Quite often when I am playing with members I see them make a good swing with good contact and miss the fairway by twenty yards. Confused, they will look at me and ask what happened. When I ask what they were aiming at, it is amazing how often they reply, “The fairway”. While it seems like a good concept, aiming into a 35 yard wide fairway is not nearly as precise as we need to be. There seems to be an intimidation that settles in on a golfer when I tell them to aim at a branch/sign/etc. in the distance. “I can’t hit that exact line, I’m not good enough”. We don’t have to hit that exact line, but if we can aim at a small target and miss that by a little bit, you will be in much better shape that just aiming at a huge fairway and missing that. Hence the term “Aim small, miss small”.

Trey Hayden
Assistant Golf Professional

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