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St. Patrick's Day Party

St. Patty's Party in Bagger's Pub! Starts at 5:00 pm!


  • Saturday, March 13 2021 5:00 PM

Spring Theme Kids Club Activity

Drop Off & Pick Up in the GAME ROOM

The Terradyne Kids Club is open to all members and members of guests while on club premises. Come out and enjoy all the amenities the club has to offer, knowing your child is safe and cared for. Toys, games, crafts, etc. will be provided! Don't forget to bring swimsuit/sunscreen during the summer months.


1. Children must be 3 years old and potty trained.

2. No children that are suffering from any communicable illnesses will be admitted. If your child becomes sick during the Kids Club session, you will be asked to take them home.

3. Behavior- Children must keep their hands and bodies to themselves. They must not harm themselves or any other person at Kids Club. Inappropriate behavior is not accepted in the best interest of the group. Severe or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.

Kids club will be canceled if only 3 kids are signed up.
If your child is signed up for kid’s club and there are 3 or less kids signed up. The parents will be notified that kids club is canceled.

$15.00 for the first child in the family and
$12.00 for the second child
$7.00 for the third child and more

$5.00 fee per child if late RSVP or show up unannounced
RSVP 24 hours in advance

Contact: Whitney Miller- Event and Activities Coordinator
ext. 203 personal: 620-385-0523

  • Friday, March 19 2021 5:30 PM

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